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Bridgend Drain Clearing-How to clear a drain

As well as clearing blocked drains and guttering, we also offer a general plumbing service. If you have a leaky tap, a pipe that is dripping, a blocked sink, then we can help - and we offer great rates. We can assist with most types of domestic or business plumbing emergencies, ask for a free quote.

Bridgend Drain Clearing-Domestic Crisis

Here we were called out to a small flood in a domestic kitchen. it required us to drill and break open the floor to find the leaking pipe, then repair it, all done without drama and at reasonable rates.

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The areas covered in and around Bridgend are Bridgend itself, Brackla, Coity, Pencoed, Maesteg, Porthcawl, Ogmore, Merthy Mawr, Port Talbot and Pontardawe if you live in any of theses areas, or are close to them the easiest way to get in contact for a quote is to simply drop us a text use the word "DRAIN" in the message to 07976 217491 and we will get back to you quickly, answering the phone is not always the easiest thing to do so please be a little patient, we WILL call you.

Blocked drains can be a nuisance but they have the potential to cause bigger problems if they don't get sorted straight away. The blockage can be in the sink or even in the toilet, blocked drains are usually caused by disposable tissues nappies cotton wall or face wipes to avoid this particular problem it goes without saying that finding an alternative to flushing away will immediately solve the problem. Usually these drain blockages will need some form of physical movement to dislodge them.

Drain rods are the normal tool of choice to clear a blocked drain, so if you have a set of rods the best way to prepare yourself for clearing the blockage is to have a plunger attachment on the end of the the rods, this is soft and even if you have to push quite hard is on likely to cause damage to the drain itself.

Care should be taken with other attachments, one to make sure you don't damage the drain of its lining and two to make sure that the attachments itself doesn't get stuck in the drain causing a bigger problem. If you manage to get the blocked drain cleared then flushing with a large quantity of water will remove any remaining debris.

An alternative is to use a drain jetting machine is often comes with a video camera attachment so that you can inspect the blockage and see the condition of the drain at the same time. Bridgend drain clearing are able to provide this facility as part of a local service they deal with a vast array of household problems including blocked drains as well as small commercial problems without the expense of using a national chain. Sink blockages can sometimes be resolved by using proprietary chemicals however, there are also some cheap household products that when used as a combination can sometimes see a lot of time and money.

A common solution is to combine sodium bicarbonate and clear distilled vinegar and add the vinegar to the sodium bicarbonate in the blocked drain, as the two react the pressure of the carbon dioxide formed combined with its mild alkali can be effective. A word of caution though, it can be tempting clear blocked drains by using stronger alkalis such as sodium hydroxide, this is extremely caustic and even tiny splashes in the face or eyes could cause severe injury.

If you want local friendly service get in touch today by simply dropping us a text using the word "DRAIN" in the message to 07976 217491 and we will get back to you quickly, answering the phone is not always the easiest thing to do so please be a little patient, we WILL call you.